Is your sump pump raising a stink? Read this advice from waterproofing pros in NJ

Sump pumps are a hardworking part of your New Jersey home, often working for many hours a day for the majority of the rainy season. Like all machinery, however, your pump may start to develop problems – and a distinctly unpleasant smell is one of them.

This smell is usually due to water in the trap evaporating, allowing sewerage gasses to escape into your basement and home. Fortunately, quick and easy maintenance can correct this issue. If your sump pump smells, mix some bleach and water at a ratio of one cup of bleach to a gallon of water and pour into the pump’s basin, stopping when the float switch activates. You can also wash the sides of the basin at the same time. Every month or so, check the basin to ensure there is enough water covering the outgoing pipes and drain lines and your pump shouldn’t smell again.

How to choose the right sump pump for your basement

If your sump pump has stopped working, it’s time to call in the specialists at Bonded Waterproofing Systems to assist with sump pump selection and installation to ensure you get the most efficient, long-lasting solution. Here are some tips for buying your new pump:

  • Primary sump pumps – These come in two varieties, submersible and pedestal, each having different installation requirements. Submersible pumps are placed underwater in your sump pump basin, while pedestal pumps are installed with the motor out of the water, making them more suitable for small basins.
  • Back up sump pumps – These are battery-operated pumps which will automatically take over and pump water in the event of a power outage, giving you extra peace of mind.
  • Combination sump pumps – By combining your primary pump with a battery-operated backup in one unit, you can get the best of both worlds. The backup will start automatically if there is a power outage as well as if there is simply too much water for the primary to cope with.

With over 30 years of experience assisting clients in the New Jersey area, our team is dedicated to giving you high quality sump pump solutions and services, whether you need your pump’s maintenance done or a completely new installation. For more information on our company, our industry leading warranty or our waterproofing services, please visit our website at today.

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