Signs your basement needs waterproofing

A moist basement may not look like a big deal, especially if you don’t have a finished basement, but too many people make the mistake of avoiding the issue.  If your basement is moist and has a moldy odor, don’t hesitate to act.  Avoiding the problem only leads to significant and more costly problems.  Knowing when you need to call in a professional waterproofing company is critical.  Here are signs to look out for:

• WATER. This may seem very obvious, however, if there is water inside your basement, you need to watertight your basement.  Even a small amount means your current basement is vulnerable to water coming in. That small amount of standing water, over time, can cause the identical problems that a large flow can.

• MUSTY ATMOSPHERE.  This can be a sign of a water leak anywhere in your basement. Check carefully for signs that a leak is out there and take action when you find one.

• CRACKS INSIDE WALLS OR FLOORING.  When there are splits or gaps, these are typically areas where water may come into the basement. Which means even if your downstairs room is not leaking nevertheless, it is likely to be leaky soon. Crack injection and basement water-proof repair can both help to ensure that your bust doesn’t become an entry-point for dampness.

• MOLD. If you are seeing mildew, consider whether there may be a water leaking somewhere in the underground room. Check carefully because even a small trickle can cause or bring about the growth of mildew and mold spores.  Long or repeated periods of high humidity can cause the same effect.

At no cost to you, a Bonded Waterproofing expert will come to your home and provide a water ingress analysis.  This is the best way to understand the solution most appropriate to your basement water problem.  So save yourself a headache and a buck, and contact an expert to learn about waterproofing options for your home before a little problem turns into a big dilemma.

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