Refinishing Your Basement?

Waterproofing your basement before refinishing your basement


Now that you’ve gotten rid of the musky smell, potentially hazardous mold and had your basement professionally waterproofed, let’s talk about finishing your space.  Whether your have concrete floors crammed with boxes of holiday decorations, it’s likely your basement has load of potential.  Treat it just as you would any of the rooms aboveground, and it might just become the most popular spot in the house—for a lot less cash than adding one on!  Here are some tips you can use to turn your underutilized space into a place you’ll be eager to spend time in.

Layout the Space. First you’ll need to decide what type of space your designing for – bedroom, home theater, bar and hang space, playroom.  Then start by laying out the space on paper – put the main socializing area near any windows or natural light.  Make sure you measure and layout the big pieces of furniture ahead of time.  Nothing feels worse than buying, moving and bringing a piece in that doesn’t fit!

Know the codes. Converting your basement is like finding new space, fully equipped with plumbing and heat. Before you begin your remodeling, however, you’ll need to check local codes for safety exits or egress.

Lighting Changes Everything.  Create a well-lit basement using track lighting, recessed lighting, and other lighting fixtures.  This is essential especially if you don’t have any natural light or windows.




Use What You Have. Odds are you have plenty of things around your home, in storage, or packed away in the garage.  Be creative when it comes to decorating.  Try your hand at refinishing a piece of furniture or turning an old sheet into window treatments.  Find your inner interior-designer and use it!

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