Five ideas for staying warm and dry in your basement – from waterproofing to dehumidifiers

Basement waterproofing in New Jersey is absolutely essential for home owners. To ensure you aren’t faced with structural damage and expensive repairs, you should take the time and put in the effort to keep your basement dry.

There are a few ways you can make sure your basement is warm and dry at all times, here are five ideas to try:

  • Waterproof your basement. You can have this professionally done from the interior or the exterior of the home.
  • Gutters and downspouts – rain water can cause serious damp problems for your basement, especially if it is not properly collected and disposed of. By installing gutters and downspouts you can collect and direct the water a decent distance away from the home.
  • Reduce water accumulation with rocks and gravel. Surround your basement with rocks and gravel as these absorb moisture and dry quickly. This will help to avoid any potential damp problems.
  • Insulate your cold water pipes as they are prone to condensation on the surface. Insulation will ensure condensation a­nd damp simply cannot occur.
  • Use a dehumidifier to absorb excess moisture from the space. To be sure you benefit from effective results, try to make use of a few dehumidifiers at once.

Why call in the waterproofing professionals for your basement?

Many people try to fix a damp problem in their basement with quick fixes which simply do not last. In the long run you will spend more money on these fixes and will also put your health and that of your family’s at risk. Many mold infestations start out as damp problems and these infestations can be dangerous. The only solution is to carry out proper basement waterproofing.

When calling in the professionals at Bonded Waterproofing you can expect a mold analysis to be carried out and the seriousness of your damp problem to be assessed. Any mold removal will be safely handled to ensure no spores become airborne and the waterproofing procedures required will be explained to you before work begins. After treatment, it is still necessary to make use of the abovementioned methods to keep your basement warm and dry, if you want to benefit from a healthy living environment for many years to come.

To learn more about our services for basement waterproofing in New Jersey, contact us at Bonded Waterproofing today.

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