Landscaping tips to prevent basement leaks and flooding

Many leaky basements can be blamed not on their composition or build quality, but on the garden. It might sound surprising but a bad landscaping job can leave you with a soggy, leaking basement that floods, cracks, grows mold and compromises your home’s structural integrity. Here are some tips from basement waterproofing specialists in Morris County, NJ on how to get your landscaping right.

• Always channel water away from the home: A surprising amount of gardens are created for their beauty without any thought to how they affect the home. Channeling water away from the home is important because this prevents a buildup of pressure against the basement walls as soil swells up with excess water. If it is too difficult to change the slope of your yard, creating a designated dry creek filled with river rock or stone can be used as a channel to divert water flow.
• Know your soil: Soil with a high clay content will absorb water and swell more than soil that is sandier. If you live in a clay-dense region, your outdoor landscaping needs to keep water well away from the home and you will likely need a specific drainage system built into your landscaping to assist you.
• Watch your pump and drain lines: Your sump pump needs to run water far enough away from your house that it doesn’t dump the water into your already soaked yard – and against your home’s walls. Extending your drain lines is also a good idea if you find that your yard is retaining too much water.
• Grass against the house, not flowers: Planting beds around the perimeter of your home’s structure may look great, but they’re a big problem when it comes to causing basement leaks. Around your home is a 10-foot-wide perimeter of soil that was disturbed when your home was originally built, and this disturbance makes it far easier for that ground to soak up water, which expands and puts pressure on your basement walls – resulting in cracks and leaks. Flower beds are designed and often edged to hold in even more water, making the problem worse. Instead, choose hard landscaping like paving – sloped away from your home – and keep flower beds out of this crucial zone.

Professional basement waterproofing solutions you can afford
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