What To Do When You Find Moisture On Your Basement Insulation

If you’ve recently noticed water collecting inside the plastic of your basement’s insulation, you’re right to be concerned about it. However, this is a very common issue according to the  basement waterproofing professionals in Essex County, NJ. Here’s everything you should know:
  • Why is there moisture in my basement

How dehumidifiers improve the air quality in your New Jersey home

If your basement is damp and musty smelling, the best treatment option is to install a dehumidification system. Dehumidification systems make it easier to breath by removing excess water vapor from the air inside your home which prevents mold and mustiness from developing. Additionally these systems preserve the integrity

How dehumidifiers work to improve your home’s air quality

The quality of the air inside your home can affect your health, especially if excess moisture is promoting the growth of dangerous molds and fungi. Installing a high quality dehumidifier will help control this issue, making the air comfortable and healthy to breathe for the whole family. Essentially, dehumidifiers take