Don’t Mistake These Products for Basement Waterproofing Solutions

basement waterproofing

Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature and even a small trickle can result in serious structural damage if left untreated and on top of that, each home has its own needs and challenges. That’s why basement waterproofing is such a complex job – and one best left to the professionals. Here are some products you shouldn’t use to waterproof your basement, from our basement waterproofing team in Essex County, NJ.

  • Waterproof paint: Waterproof paint seems like a quick, easy and affordable solution to covering your basement walls and preventing leaks – and it’s also easy to apply yourself. However, it can end up costing you much more in the long run. The lime in the concrete of your basement walls will grow efflorescence, a mineral deposit, between the walls and the paint. This will cause the paint to bubble and flake, letting moisture back into your space. It also does nothing to prevent moisture from entering the walls on the outside your basement, leading to structural damage.
  • Concrete coves: Coves in unfinished basements are well-known moisture traps and many people try to prevent this moisture issue by covering it with concrete. However, the concrete is simply not waterproof enough to fix the issue and by covering the cove, hydrostatic pressure in the saturated ground outside increases, which will worsen the cracking and damage to your basement.
  • Any professional waterproofing solution in the wrong hands: There’s a lot more to waterproofing a basement than simply applying the right products, and the space needs to be professionally evaluated and repaired before the right solution can be implemented properly. Without the right experience, a DIY application of a great product or solution is going to function at a fraction of its potential at best and simply fail and fall apart at worst.

Put Your Home in the Hands of Our Basement Waterproofing Team in NJ 

At Bonded Waterproofing, we’ve been supplying basement waterproofing services in New Jersey and the tristate area for over 30 years and we guarantee that our solution will really last – if it fails even as much as 50 years after we’ve completed our work, we’ll come in and fix it for free. We also guarantee that we will take great care of your property and thoroughly clean your basement, keeping mess to a minimum.

In addition to basement waterproofing, basement repair and dehumidifier installation, we also provide our clients with sump pump installation, mold remediation and French drain installation services. For more information about basement waterproofing in NJ, please visit our website at

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