Excess Moisture in a basement can indeed cause sweaty walls… a condition that ruins your sheetrock, rugs, flooring, furniture, and can decay wood sills around basement windows, etc….

There are however a number of things you can check or do yourself to determine if you have a more serious water problem…

  1. Look to see if you basement windows are sealed completely.   These windows can often leak during a storm and if you aren’t in the basement you won’t notice…
  2. Look for leaky plumping in the area or ceiling above the sweaty wall.   Circular stains on ceiling Sheetrock are a telltale sign of a pipe water leak.
  3. Excess humidity.   If the humidity level in your basement is routinely above 50%, temperature changes can draw moisture out of the air and on to your wall.   Consider a dehumidification system.
  4. Poor Drainage around exteirior walls.   The Cinderblock that is probably behind the finished wall is porous and will admit moisture.   If the drainage outside your home is poor, this moisture will eventually seep through your walls.

The best thing to do in this case is to call us for our FREE WATER INGRESS ANALYSIS.   Our experts will be able to analyze what is causing the moisture, measure humidity levels in your basement and steer you toward the right solution.