Concrete Foundation Repair and Restoration in New Jersey


Heaving and cracking of cement foundation and wall surfaces are serious problems.   Not only can water easily enter your home through these foundation cracks, but the structural integrity of your home may be compromised.   Years of untreated excess water around the perimeter of your house may often be the cause.   Unfortunately, by the time the cracks are visible and water is coming into your home, it is usually too late for “easy” solutions.  The foundation cracks must be repaired and more importantly, the cause of the cracking must be discovered and addressed.

See this discussion of the common causes of Foundation Cracking and Basement water.   Bonded Waterproofing personnel have over 25 years experience correcting foundation and wall cracking problems on thousands and thousands of homes.   Using special materials, cements, and know-how, we will find the best, most cost effective solution for your foundation.    And if we feel the problem goes beyond waterproofing, and is more serious requiring structural replacement or reinforcement, we’ll tell you that too and try to guide you to the quickest most reliable fix possible.

Don’t leave your concrete cracked, the team at Bonded has your back!

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