Well then, it may be time for a BATH!!!

A disgusting crawlspace.

It is common in older homes to find that crawlspaces are often left “open” or not capped – meaning they have a dirt or partial cement and rock floor, essentially open to moisture, insects and bacteria.  And of course also a great area for mold growth.   Bonded Waterproofing is one of the few companies that will do a full crawl space clean out and clean up for you, and then leave a system in place that completely seals your crawlspace from the elements and reduces or eliminates the awful smell seeping into your house.

Our crawl space clean-out and crawl space sealing services generally involve the following:

  1. Removal of all the junk in your crawlspace.
  2. Complete power wash of the interior area with a spray de-molding solution.
  3. Sealing the entire area with a specially reinforced 10 millimeter thick Vapor Barrier.

For more on our Vapor Barrier Installation process call 1-877-2BONDED.