That “musty” smell is most likely the presence of millions of microorganisms or mold who are enjoying the damp, high humidity environment in your basement.   Not to mention the poor circulation common to most basements which keeps odors locked into the area and the whole house.   Many people resign themselves to living in these smelly, unhealthy conditions for years, thinking “well it’s a basement and basement’s smell musty…”

But in fact a musty basement can be cured.   Sometimes all that is needed is a proper “air exchange system” in the basement which can both remove moisture and unhealthy particles from the air in the basement and even the entire house!  Installing an “air exchange” system is an easy, efficient way to reduce the effect of damaging and uncomfortable humidity in your home.  The system expels humid indoor air, reduces stagnation and introduces healthy air back into the home.   Modern systems are quiet, reliable, and use very little power.   There are no messy trays to empty, and homeowners can finally enjoy their time in the basement instead of dreading it.   The Bonded Air Exchange/Dehumidification system we install is a professional grade system designed for the home but of commercial quality.

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