Why is there water in my Basement?

There are an almost infinite number of places and ways water can enter your basement. Often it is not just a question of keeping it out, but rather managing it with a proper basement waterproofing system when it inevitably comes in. Consider the following:

  • Surface water (rain) leaking thru cracks or flaws in the walls – for every inch of rain, 1,250 gallons of water fall on the roof of a 2,000 square foot home.
  • High ground water– water levels have risen to their highest point due to melting snow, spring rains, baron/change in landscape, & lack of winter sun. This is related to the geography around your home.
  • Condensation – happens often, warm outside air comes in contact with cool basement walls and floors, moisture is produced

Causes of a Leaky BasementTo understand better the elements that contribute to basement water consider the following explanation. Hydrostatic Pressure is the actual pressure of water forced against the exterior of a basement floor or wall. Water can be present in the soil by means of a high water table, underground stream, or capillarity. Groundwater is part of the Earth’s water cycle that flows underground.

Water first passes through the zone of aeration or unsaturated zone (the white layer in the diagram). In this zone, a mixture of air and water fills the spaces between the rock and soil particles. From here, water is taken up by plant roots, discharged into a body of water, or flows down to the next zone, which is the zone of saturation or saturated zone (the blue area in the diagram). Here all the spaces between particles are completely filled with water. The top of this zone is called the water table . Contrary to popular belief, groundwater is not an underground river or lake. Rather, it is all the water below the water table stored in subsurface void spaces.

As you see many things can contribute to your water problems – the local Geography, the water table, and of course the drainage situation around your house. At Bonded we will analyze all the contributors to your water problem and you can be sure that our basement waterproofing solution in New Jersey will be designed and installed to alleviate any and all issues that we find.

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