The Bonded Waterproofing Systems Lifetime Guarantee

Although our warranty is second to none in the industry, it is highly unlikely you will ever need to read it after today.   Let’s face it, while a waranty is important to have, it would be much better to know that the job was done so well and so perfectly that you would never need to exercise a warranty, no matter how good it is.   That is why we place so much emphasis on the referrals of our customers (over 25,000 and counting) and the experience of our installers.   You see unlike many of the franchised waterproofing companies that are out there, we have remained a family owned and operated business for three decades and have built our reputation on personal service, quality of repair, and the fairest pricing model in the industry.   There are no franchise overheads built into our pricing and no gimmicky product solutions and that savings goes directly to you.

But if you should ever need us after we have serviced your home or business, well then here is what we say:

“We guarantee to service any below grade area of the foundation floor and wall against water seepage in area contracted as set forth in the provided job sketch.  For waranteed services, the customer shall receive free replacement of all material and labor in any area that such material has been applied. The customer must minimally maintain the cleanliness of system (gap must be maintained, kept clean, and left open) and the system must not be altered or obstructed in any way.   The warranty is fully transferable upon sale of the structure to the new owner.   It furthermore freely applies to all future owners of the structure, for as long as the structure stands.”

Should you ever need us or have a question no matter how many years later, we promise to deal with any future issues promptly, courteously, and without hassle.   We built our reputation on this kind service for over 30 years.   We have no intention of stopping now.



The Team at Bonded Waterproofing Systems.
Louis Alloro, President