Need Some Mold Remediation in NJ? Need it Now?
Mold Remediation in New Jersey

Mold and Mildew are one of the scariest by-products of excess moisture in your home.   Even if you have no visible water, excess humidity can create an environment where these breathable pathogens can thrive, causing health problems from infection, to breathing difficulty, to severe allergic reaction.

Sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease. Trying to clean a mold infestation with bleach can actually release the mold spores into the air, spreading the infestation to new areas and polluting the air your children breathe. There are techniques to avoid this and precautions to take that only a professional mold remediation company will know. Besides, quite frankly, mold removal is a disgusting job! Let our guys do it, you’ll be happy you did!

If you even think you might have mold inside your walls, you should give us a call.   Our experts will analyze and suggest a cost-effective mold remediation program for your NJ home if required.

How Does Bonded Perform Professional Mold Remediation in NJ?

Bonded’s proven program uses a 3-step process to clean the walls, remove the mold and bring your home back to a healthy environment. First a complete washing of the affected area is performed using powerful but ecologically safe chemicals called “Envirowash”.  The power wash we use is:

  • A Four chain quat formulation which leaves no harmful toxins in your air.
  • EPA Registered and is environmentally safe
  • School and Hospital approved.

First we must break down any wall areas where Mold may have penetrated.  Then we cleanse the walls using a wire brush.  Then, we power wash the walls with the Envirowash, which will begin to break down the compounds that have been built up over time.   And finally we will take any and all steps to recommend a dehumidification, air purification, or waterproofing solution that will insure that a mold friendly environment is permanently banished from your  home!

Improving Air Quality in the Home

If your home is prone to mold infestation or humidity, do inquire about our  Air Purification Systems for ways you can reduce mold build up and improve the quality of air in your home.

Bonded Waterproofing Service Areas

In addition to mold remediation and mold removal, we also specialize in basement waterproofing solutions including: foundation repair, french drains, sump pump services and installation and more.

Specifically we service the Tri-State Area including:

NEW JERSEY:  Morris County, Monmouth County,Essex County, Passaic County, Ocean County & Middlesex County

NEW YORK:     Staten Island,Westchester, Rockland

CONNECTICUT: CT coastal towns; Greenwich, Fairfield & Westport.


For your free, in-home mold remediation analysis in NJ, NY or CT, call the experts at Bonded Waterproofing.


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