Bonded Waterproofing goes beyond the “free estimate” to offer a truly important value:  A complete Water Ingress Analysis.   This analysis is free to you regardless of whether you purchase a solution from us or not.   Our highly experienced experts will come to your home or business and conduct a thorough examination of all possible interior and exterior sources of water ingress, excess humidity and odor sources, and identify structural defects and potential habitats for mold infestation.

If our expert finds that there is a legitimate water issue we fully explain and quote our proposed repair, tailored to the exact needs of your situation, no more and no less.   Unlike many other “Waterproofing” companies, the only solutions we propose are those that really correct your issue.   You may find a cheap “band aide” solution from some, but see what kind of warantee comes with it.   At Bonded our solution’s are proposed because we know that they will fully and completely correct your situation.   Whether you just need a simple dehumidifier, or a complete exterior drain system, we have the skill and the integrity to get the job done right the first time in the most affordable way possible.

Sometimes there are options to choose from in picking a solution that can save you money.   Our inspector will identify these options for you clearly and will make sure that your are satisfied with the solution you choose, and that it is still the right solution for your problem.   We simply won’t sell you a solution that isn’t.

At Bonded we sincerely believe we should be on your short list of waterproofing contractors.  Our solutions are based on time tested methods, perfected by years of experience in our installers and job foreman.   And because we are one family run operation, you will never deal with the kind of exorbitant pricing models built into franchise waterproofing company quotes, not to mention customer service models that end when the contract is signed.   After 30 years in the business, we’ve heard all the stories and our business is defined as much by what it isn’t as by what it is.

What we are is fair, honest, and completely knowledgeable about waterproofing.

Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business!

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