Is Your Home Suffering from Sick Building Syndrome?

We spend a lot of time indoors enjoying our homes, relaxing and raising families –but the truth is that your home could be making you sick. Here are some insights from our basement repair team in Rockland County, NJ about Sick Building Syndrome and what to do about it. What is

Protect Your Home Against Mold and Allergies

If you suffer from allergies in the spring, your home may be to blame. Excess moisture from the air or a leak can make cupboards, floors, attics and crawlspaces a haven for mold, and these spores can cause serious breathing problems, allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Here are some tips

Tips from NJ Mold Removal Specialists on Preventing Mold in Your Home

Mold is a common problem faced by New Jersey home and business owners – a problem that can cause structural and health issues, as well as leave an unpleasant smell in your property. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent mold infestations:
  • Stop leaks quickly: Moisture is vital to mold growth,

What is Bonded Waterproofing’s mold remediation and removal process? The New Jersey professionals answer your questions

With our damp climate, mold is a real issue for home and business owners, requiring professional mold remediation. Many molds can be hazardous to your health and your home - affecting the air quality of your home, causing respiratory disorders and other illnesses, creating a musty smell and damaging

Flooded basement? Call in NJ mold remediation specialists

A flooded basement can happen more quickly and easily than you may think and its important homeowners know just what to do when it happens. Here’s some important advice from New Jersey’s leading basement waterproofing and mold remediation company:
  1. Turn off the power: Electrical shocks are a serious risk in

Spring allergies… or is it a mold problem? Advice from remediation specialists

Spring is on its way and for many people this means it’s time to break out the allergy medication and the Kleenex. However, it’s important you determine whether your sneezes are really allergy-related or due to dangerous mold spores growing in your basement. Here are some signs to look for:
  1. Smell

Mold Detection – Why Professional Mold Remediation is Your Best Bet

If you suspect mold has invaded parts of your home, calling in a mold remediation/removal specialist should be a priority. But why is mold removal so important? What should you do while you’re waiting for the specialists to arrive? Here's a helpful guide. What is mold? Mold is a name for

Basement waterproofing tips: Don’t ignore foundation cracks

When it comes to waterproofing your basement, there is no doubt of the importance of not ignoring foundation cracks. Cracks in your basement’s foundation can either be structural or non-structural. A non-structural crack won’t impact or threaten the foundation’s integrity. It is also

Best Furniture for a damp basement – Advice from waterproofing specialists

It’s always tricky furnishing a damp basement. Even despite adequate basement waterproofing, you’ll still want to get the best possible furniture to kit out your basement. This will ensure you don’t have moldy cushions on your couch or a soggy mattress. There are various