Is Your Home Ready for Storm Season 2019? Read Our Checklist!

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The tristate area is known for its potentially devastating storms and hurricanes, so it’s vital that every homeowner is properly prepared each storm season. Here are some tips from the specialists in basement repair in Rockland County, NY.

Your Home Kit

Each home needs an emergency preparedness kit that includes:

  • A battery-powered flashlight with fresh batteries (including additional sets of batteries).
  • A battery-powered radio so that you can hear the latest weather alerts even if there are power outages.
  • Candles and matches or battery-powered lamps.
  • Blankets.
  • Non-perishable food and bottled water.
  • A first aid kit.

Before Storm Season

  • Have your sump pump serviced.
  • Clear away tree branches and shrubbery close to the roof and gutters.
  • Check and repair your storm shutters/panels.

In the Event of an Approaching Storm

  • Tie down or store loose outdoor objects including furniture, awnings, grills and gardening equipment.
  • Prepare your storm shutters/panels.
  • Turn off appliances and lights, thermostats, etc. to reduce the load pressure on the grid.
  • Listen to the latest weather alerts on your local news station.
  • Pack essentials in the event of an evacuation order.
  • Check on the elderly and neighbors to ensure that they are safe and prepared.

Sump Pump Installation and Servicing from Our Basement Repair Team

If you want to ensure that your basement is ready for storm season, it’s time to speak to the team at Bonded Waterproofing. We’ve been supplying basement waterproofing services in New Jersey and the Tristate area for over 30 years and we guarantee that our solution will really last – if it fails even as much as 50 years after we’ve completed our work, we’ll come in and fix it for free. We also guarantee that we will take great care of your property and thoroughly clean your basement so that you can start the next stage of your project as soon as possible.

In addition to sump pump installation and repair services, we also provide our clients with basement repair, French drain installation and mold remediation services. For more information on our services and basement waterproofing in Rockland County, NY please contact us or visit our website today.