Does the word “GROSS” generally describe your crawlspace?   If so, you are not alone.   Crawlspaces are one of the most popular places for mold and mildew to grow.  If the smell of your crawlspace is something like week old dirty socks, you most likely have a mold issue.

Bonded waterproofing is one of the few companies in Northern NJ providing a complete overhaul and cleaning of your crawl space.   When we are done, it will be clean, mold free, and odor free.   Using patented vapor barrier technology, we first clean, then cover the area with a durable, woven 10 mil vapor barrier designed to completely prevent moisture from entering your home.   This barrier can be walked (or crawled) on and has a lifetime warrantee.

The barrier prevents moisture ingress across the entire perimeter of your crawlspace.   Typically within days musty, moldy smells completely dissipate and do not return.

You don’t have to be afraid to look inside your crawlspace anymore, let us do it, we’re trained Professionals!