Why walls sweat – and what to do

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Waking up to moisture-covered walls in the winter is unpleasant and worrying for homeowners, and is an issue that should be taken seriously as it can result in damage to interior décor and the home itself. Here are some insights from basement waterproofing experts in Bergen County, NJ.

What causes water vapor on walls? 

Firstly, the location of the walls will point to the underlying cause of the moisture problem. Below-ground walls that sweat may indicate that water is seeping in from the ground outside, which can happen when there’s rain, melting snow or rising groundwater. This is a very serious issue and can result in structural damage to your home, so it’s important to call in the professionals as soon as possible.

If your home’s above-ground walls are sweating, then this is likely due to condensation – a less serious but still unpleasant issue. It can affect your wallpaper and paint, warp your wooden floors, lead to mold growth and make your home generally unpleasant to live in in the cold weather.

Steps to take to fix and prevent sweating walls

Below-ground and basement walls that sweat will require a professional solution. It’s best to call in waterproofing specialists to examine the issue and find the underlying cause. DIY fixes in these cases are often ineffective, because they cannot correct the root of the problem and aren’t durable enough to last. You’ll simply find that the problem reoccurs and becomes worse over time.

Above-ground condensation on walls is predominantly due to an insulation problem, with water vapor in the air becoming too concentrated for the temperature of the surface it is in contact with, causing it to convert back to water. Insulating these surfaces will correct this issue by preventing these surfaces from becoming cold enough for this reaction to occur.

Another good idea to use in conjunction with effective insulation is to install a dehumidifier in the home. This will work to remove excess water vapor in the air, drying the air to a more comfortable level and reducing condensation. These work well in any part of the home, but are often installed in bathrooms and laundry rooms where the air is likely to be damper. By reducing moisture in the air, you not only reduce condensation on your walls, you also make the air more comfortable to breathe and reduce the chance of mold growth.

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