Water Damage – Inside the Structural, Financial and Health Risks

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Water damage is a common household problem that almost every homeowner has faced, but many people don’t understand the considerable risks that it presents to their health and the safety of their property. Here are some insights from the specialists in basement waterproofing in Bergen County, NJ.

  • Clean water damage: This is water damage that results from excess water that is potable and safe for household use. This includes leaks from faucets, water pipes, washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances. Because the water is clean, a leak like this doesn’t initially put your health at risk but – over time – it can support mold and mildew growth. This means it’s important to resolve the leak quickly.
  • Dirty water damage: This water damage is a result of the structure being contaminated by water that is not fit for consumption and may contain hazardous materials. This includes flood water and sump pump overflows. It is important not to come into contact with this water and to wear protective clothing when working with it. The space will have to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it is safe to use it again and to prevent mold growth.
  • Black water damage: This is caused by water that is thoroughly contaminated with hazardous materials, and includes sewerage leaks, chemical waste water, contaminated flood water and toilet overflows. It is vital that this water is quickly removed, and the space is thoroughly cleaned before it is used again. Protective gear is vital and even the air around a leak like this can be contaminated, so it is not safe to breathe it in without a mask.
  • Structural damage: Water is incredibly destructive in the home whether it is clean or contaminated, and can damage structural elements as well as carpets, furniture and belongings. It is essential that homeowners take measures to prevent water damage, from inspecting basements for repair and waterproofing, to investing in professional sump pump installation.

Basement Waterproofing in Bergen County NJ – We Have Your Home Covered 

Bonded Waterproofing in NJ is a family-owned business serving the tristate area specializing in affordable, high quality basement waterproofing services. From basement repairs, French drain installation, mold remediation and leak detection to sump pump installation, repairs and maintenance, we do it all.

If you do choose us to manage your home’s waterproofing solution but are concerned about the cost involved, we’re also happy to offer interest-free financing and a lifetime warranty to go with the fairest pricing model in the industry.

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