How to prevent moisture problems in your basement

Moisture is every basement’s worst enemy – it’s the cause behind mold problems, damp, bad smells and even structural issues. So how can homeowners help prevent it? Here are some tips from basement waterproofing experts in Monmouth County, NJ.

  • Open sump pump basin: Your sump pump might be behind your basement moisture problems if it hasn’t been set up properly. The sump pump basin needs a fitted lid to prevent water in the basin from evaporating into the air.
  • Vents from your dryer: If you use a dryer, you may notice that your basement feels damp and musty. This is likely due an issue with the vent pipe that is supposed to take moist air from the dryer to the outside. Look behind your dryer and make sure that the pipe is securely fastened to the outlet, run your dryer to check for leaks and then seal the pipe with foil tape where needed.
  • Dirt or gravel crawlspaces: These tend to add to the moisture in the basement because they allow ground moisture to evaporate into your home. Sealing this with a crawlspace vapor barrier is an effective way to prevent this.
  • Leaks from plumbing: A common occurrence in the home, plumbing leaks are often difficult to detect and may run for ages before they are found and fixed. They can lead to structural damage, higher water bills and mold. It’s important for homeowners to inspect their plumbing on a regular basis, take note of musty smells that may indicate mold and, if a leak is suspected, call in the professionals to find the source and repair it as soon as possible.
  • Seepage from basement walls and floors: When the ground shifts, gets wet or dies out, it puts pressure on your basement walls and floor that can result in cracks. When moisture finds its way through the cracks, your basement will start to seep. This is a serious issue and will require professional basement repair to provide a lasting solution that will keep your home structurally sound, dry and mold-free.

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