Leaking basement? Here’s what to do

Water damage in your basement can be a nightmare to deal with, so it’s vital that you call in Morris County, NJ basement waterproofing experts as soon as you notice a moisture problem or leak.

Reasons why your basement could be leaking

One of the reasons why basement water issues are so difficult to solve – especially if you are interested in going the DIY route – is because there are so many reasons why moisture could be getting into your home’s structure. What’s more, each issue may require a totally different solution or combination of solutions in order to keep your basement dry. These include:

    • Rainwater draining back towards your house. This is often seen in older homes as well as homes with poor drainage. Your gutter system, landscaping and drains may need modification.
    • Window well leaks. While they are a great way to allow natural light into your basement, they can become a source of leaks if your gutter systems and drainage systems are inadequate.
    • Basement wall cracks. These are a very serious concern and can indicate that your basement walls and foundation are under pressure from water flowing underground through the soil. This can cause serious damage to the structure of your home and will need a comprehensive professional solution.
    • Water pipes leaking. Any pipe is vulnerable to springing a leak, especially if it isn’t insulated properly, is old or hasn’t been installed correctly. The water will then travel through cracks in the concrete until it finds its way into your basement. This makes the origin of the leak very difficult to find, which is where professional leak detection can assist you.
    • Floor cracks. Hydrostatic pressure can build up as your home settles over the years, made worse by poor drainage, clay soil and heavy rains. The underground water builds up and pushes against the floor of your basement, eventually creating cracks and leaks – weakening your foundation.

Affordable basement waterproofing solutions for Morris County, NJ
Established in 1980, Bonded Waterproofing Systems is a local, family-owned operation that has been delivering lasting, quality basement waterproofing solutions in Morris County at fair prices for over 30 years. Our friendly, dedicated teams can give you a free, no-obligation estimate and Water Egress Analysis to determine exactly what waterproofing solutions would suit your home.
We can also assist you with mold remediation and removal, French drain installation, sump pump installation and servicing, as well as basement repairs.
For more information on our services in Morris County, please contact us or visit our website at http://bondedwaterproofing.com/ today.

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