Essential Home Inspection Checks Before You Buy A New House

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Even though buying a home is one of the biggest purchases we can make in our lives, the truth is that few homes are perfect. Some problems we can live with, or even improve as we go along to add to the value of the property – others, however, can mean disaster for your budget. Here are some home inspection tips that will help you make a solid purchasing decision, from our basement waterproofing company in Rockland County, NJ.

  • Rust: Take a close look at the HVAC system and large appliances to check for rusting. Rust not only affects the performance of this equipment and can incur steep repair and replacement costs, it also indicates the level of maintenance for the property. These appliances should be maintained on a yearly basis.
  • Roof: Often, we forget to look up when we look at a property, but a roof in poor condition can be very expensive to repair. Take a close look at the roof for indicators like curling/missing shingles, broken tiles, heavy moss growth and peeling paint. Inside the home, check the ceilings for warping and damage that can indicate leaks.
  • Furnace: Find out the age of the furnace and listen to it while it is in operation to hear if there are any strange noises. Furnaces should be replaced when they are around 20 years old unless they have been immaculately maintained. Even if they have been well maintained, repair costs are likely to increase with older furnaces, and performance is not generally energy-efficient.
  • Odor and leaks: The house should smell clean and fresh. Musty odors, especially in cupboards, bathrooms and basements, can indicate moisture problems and leaks, while general mess can indicate that a homeowner is not caring for their home properly in general. Other areas to check for leaks include around window frames, at the base of toilets and at the base of basement walls, as this can indicate the home was badly built and is facing serious (and costly) structural repairs.

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