Don’t Let The Mold In Your Crawlspace Make You Sick

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Crawlspaces are dark, damp and warm, making them the ideal environment for mold growth. They are not easily accessible, so homeowners rarely check these areas for problems, and many people are unaware that their home, health and air quality are at risk. Here are some insights from our basement waterproofing team in Monmouth County, NJ.

Identifying Types Of Mold 

When it comes to homes, there isn’t a good type of mold, but there are molds that are worse than others. All mold should be identified quickly and removed by professionals who will also deal with the underlying issue that is causing the mold growth in the first place. If you notice mold in your home, the best and safest thing to do is call in a mold remediation team.

Here is a quick guide to different types of mold:

  • Allergenic molds: These are considered the least dangerous, although they are able to trigger allergic reactions and respiratory issues like asthma, especially in people who are in very close proximity to the mold, young children, and seniors.
  • Pathogenic molds: These are toxic to people who have weakened immune systems and are prone to infections. Symptoms of exposure to these types of molds are similar to those of bacterial pneumonia, including a mucus cough, chest pain, severe chills and fever.
  • Toxigenic molds: These are molds that produce mycotoxins that can be absorbed through skin contact, ingestion or by breathing it in. These are the most dangerous mold types and have been linked to short and long-term health issues that range from headaches and flu-like symptoms to weakened immune systems, and even cancer.

Professional Mold Remediation And Crawlspace Repair From Our Basement Waterproofing Team 

At Bonded Waterproofing, we offer safe, professional and effective mold remediation and removal services. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all our products and services, including crawlspace repair and installation of our patented crawlspace vapor barriers.

In addition, we also offer interest-free financing and the best pricing model in the industry, helping you to maintain your home as affordably as possible.

For more information on our services and basement waterproofing in Monmouth County, NJ please contact us or visit our website at today.

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