What To Consider When Buying A Battery Sump Pump Backup

Battery Backed Sump Pumps

When hurricanes, tropical storms and flooding hit, home and business owners turn to their sump pumps to prevent flood damage and manage basement water levels. Unfortunately, floods and weather events are often accompanied by power outages that make your sump pump inoperable – unless it has a backup battery. If you’re considering buying one of these practical systems, consider this advice from Morris County basement waterproofing specialists.

Features to consider when buying battery backup for your sump pump 

  • Power and battery type: AC/DC batteries run off the mains while they’re on, and can kick into DC power when they go down. DC batteries will only run when the mains are down. It’s advised that you choose deep-cycle batteries over wet-cell, as they are sealed and require no maintenance.
  • Float switch: This is the mechanism that tells the sump pump when to kick into action. Having it automatically triggered in times of crisis is invaluable, as it will work automatically as soon as there is a problem – even when you are out of the house, unaware of a moisture issue or unable to access your basement.
  • Check your tech: There are many different sump pumps out there with different technologies designed for certain situations. It’s worth taking the time and speaking to a few specialists rather than buying the first option you see. This way, you’ll find a system that will work perfectly for your home or property, and be able to cope properly in the event of a problem.

Our basement waterproofing team will evaluate your basement for free 

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