What Are The Best Basement Flooring Options?

A finished basement is a fantastic asset for any home, whether you’re planning to use the space to extend your home, create a media or game room, or even turn it into an income-generating apartment. Getting the best results from your basement means getting certain crucial aspects done right – and this includes your flooring. Here is a quick guide to the best flooring options for basements, from our basement waterproofing company in Bergen County, NJ.

  • Carpet tiles: Easy to clean and available in a huge range of different style options, floor tiles are hygienic, durable and affordable. For basements, it’s important to use a floor tile that includes its own vapor barrier, as this raises the tile off the basement surface slightly, allowing the concrete beneath to breathe – preventing moisture issues.
  • Floating floors: This is another kind of slightly raised flooring that allows you to install a moisture barrier between your basement slab and the floor itself, preventing damp and mold growth. Materials that work well in this type of flooring and will work in your basement include cork, engineered hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.
  • Ceramic tiles: Easy to clean and available in a huge range of different style options, ceramic floor tiles are hygienic, durable and affordable. These are also exceptionally water resistant, so they are not susceptible to mold growth, making them low maintenance and easy to install onto the concrete slab. For extra protection, you can however install an additional membrane between the tiles and the slab, and treat your grouting with water barrier sealant. This can also be a colder flooring surface to carpet or wood, so it’s a good idea to install underfloor heating and get some great rugs for the area.

The best finished basements have expertly installed and guaranteed waterproofing 

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