Basement Repair – Here’s What Doesn’t Work

It’s common to find cracks in basements and foundation floors in home in the tri-state area. Here’s what you need to know about repairing these problems – including what does and doesn’t work – from our basement waterproofing team in Staten Island, NY.

Ignoring Basement and Foundation Cracks

It’s actually very common for people to see a crack in their foundation or basement wall and simply ignore it. The problem is that these cracks can lead to a number of serious issues in terms of leaks (and the mold that results) to structural concerns. Your home is your biggest asset and investment, and the reality is that most basement repair jobs are quick, easy and affordable when done by a professional. Having them addressed early on and by a professional is essential, as they can identify the underlying issues and offer an effective fix before it becomes more severe – and more expensive – to deal with.

Concrete Patching

There are many over-the-counter basement waterproofing products and crack repair products on the market offering a quick and easy fix for cracks, but they are usually just a waste of money – and concrete patches are one. This is because they either do nothing to fix the underlying problem – like a leak – or simply aren’t high-quality enough to deliver a lasting solution. In either case, you’re likely going to be dealing with the same problem, only worse, in a few months’ time. This is because the underlying issue hasn’t been fixed, leading to trapped moisture weakening the wall or floor around the patch which leads to greater structural damage, mold, and damaged flooring or paint.

Lifetime Guaranteed Basement Waterproofing in Staten Island, NY

Bonded Waterproofing in NJ is a family-owned business serving the tri-state area specializing in affordable, high quality basement waterproofing services. From basement repairs, French drain installation, mold removal and leak detection to sump pump installation, repairs and maintenance, we do it all.

If you do choose us to manage your home’s waterproofing solution but are concerned about the cost involved, we’re also happy to offer interest-free financing and a lifetime warranty to go with the fairest pricing model in the industry.

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