Basement Flooding – What to Do When Storm Season Hits

If you have a basement and live in the tristate area, chances are that storm season is one of your biggest concerns. Here are some tips for what to do if your basement floods, from our basement waterproofing team in Staten Island, NY.

  • Avoid electrocution: Do not under any circumstances step into a flooded basement if water could be in contact with electrical cords, outlets or appliances. Switch off the power at your mains breaker but only if it is dry and you are not standing in water.
  • Let your sump pump work: If your sump pump is in working condition and has power, stay out of the basement until it has removed as much water as possible. Make sure that the outlet is pumping water well away from your home, preferably into the road where it can be released into a storm drain. If the ground outside your home is very wet and you pump more water out into it, you run the risk of increasing the pressure against your basement walls, which can cause damage or a collapse.
  • Remove wet materials: Once all excess water has been pumped out, start removing all wet materials like furniture, carpets and boxes. These have to dry within a day or to or mold is likely to set in. Try to empty your basement as much as possible, as this will help it dry and help prevent mold growth. Don’t use any appliances that have been in the flooded area until they can be checked out by a professional.
  • Ventilate the area: Get as much dry, fresh air as possible moving through your basement, as this will help dry up moisture and prevent mold. Open all windows and doors and, if possible, run a dehumidifier from an outlet upstairs that has remained dry.

Professional Basement Waterproofing in Staten Island, NY – Results Guaranteed

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