3 Types of Home Foundation – And Why They Matter

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Do you know what type of foundation your home is built on? There are three main types, and each comes with its own pros and cons, as well as its own maintenance considerations. These types include a slab, crawl space or a basement. Below, our basement waterproofing experts from Bonded Waterproofing provide information about each, along with details on why the type of foundation matters so much. 

A Slab

Slab foundations are usually built directly on top of the ground. This can make it really difficult to deal with home maintenance issues, although it does eliminate the need to worry about protective waterproofing. 

Crawl Space

A crawl space is a home foundation that has a small amount of space between the ground and the floor joists of the home, usually just enough to allow someone of average size to crawl through. When it comes to crawl spaces, vapor can be a big problem. Not only can it lead to nasty odors, but it can also encourage the growth of mold, and this can be detrimental to your family’s health and really difficult to remove. In order to protect this type of foundation, it is worthwhile to consider mold removal, mold remediation and crawl space waterproofing in NJ. 

A Basement

A basement is a foundation that allows for standing height between the ground and floor joists. It is also commonly used for storage or even as an additional living space. Unfortunately, a basement can be subject to water damage if not properly protected. This is true if a pipe bursts or if the springtime rains cause flooding. Because of this, basement waterproofing is a must! There are many basement waterproofing companies in the area, but Bonded Waterproofing is one of the only ones that offers an all-in-one solution including basement repair, mold removal and, of course, the best basement waterproofing Bergen County NJ has ever seen! 

For more information about basement waterproofing in  Bergen County NJ, and more, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Bonded Waterproofing today!