New Year’s Resolutions That Will Keep Your Home Safe, Dry and Warm

2018 has just begun, and is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes in your home! Here are some great New Year’s resolutions for keeping your basement in great shape and adding value to your home, from our basement waterproofing team in Morris County, NJ.

  • Ensure water is flowing away from your home: Landscaping plays an important role in keeping water away from your foundation and basement walls, and making a few changes around the outside of your home can be an effective solution to your problems. Water should be able to flow away from your home’s walls without forming puddles. Installing a French drain and moving flower beds away from your home is highly recommended.
  • Invest in metal window wells for your basement: Basement windows can become traps for water if they are not constructed properly. We recommend metal window wells that are covered with gravel or pebbles, so water can drain away easily rather than seeping into your basement.
  • Ensure appliances are venting outdoors: If your laundry room is in your basement, it’s essential that your dryer vents air outdoors – otherwise it will quickly lead to a buildup of moisture that’s a perfect home for mold.
  • Check gutters and downspouts: A lot of water comes off roofs, and if it is not directed away from your home properly, it can lead to moisture problems in your basement. Clear out your gutters regularly, and ensure your downspouts are directing water away from your home basement.
  • Insulate your pipes: Cold pipes often develop moisture on the outside, just like a cold drink does on the outside of a glass. This moisture can quickly contribute towards common basement issues like mold growth and seepage. Insulating the pipes properly will prevent this.

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