How Clogged Gutters Affect Your Basement

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Working in basement waterproofing in Monmouth County, NJ, our team often comes across water-related basement issues that are caused by one simple, but often overlooked household problem – clogged gutters. Since we are already well into Fall, and leaves are littering our gardens and roofs, we thought we’d share some insights into this seasonal challenge, the damage it can cause to your basement, and offer some solutions.

The Role of Gutters for Your Home

Gutter systems are designed to catch rainwater and snowmelt from your rooftop and channel it to a downspout which directs it away from your home’s foundations – either into your yard or into drains. This keeps excess water away from the base of your home.

When gutters become clogged, they can’t channel this water properly and it often overflows off your roof where it pools against your home. Over time, this leads to increased hydrostatic pressure against your home’s foundation and walls, causing:

  • Cracked or bowed walls
  • Soil erosion, which causes the ground around your foundation to destabilize, affecting the structure and soundness of your foundation
  • Water leaks into your basement, which can lead to mold growth

Maintaining Your Home’s Gutters

Ideally, your home’s gutters should be checked and cleared twice a year. However, for homes with large trees or trees that drop lots of leaves, this should be done more often, especially in the fall and before the rainy season begins. This can be done the DIY route or by a yard maintenance company.

If your gutters are clear but you are still finding that water is pooling around your home, it is important to speak to a quality basement waterproofing company. They can inspect your property for any leaks or damage and provide a wide range of solutions. Sometimes, it is as simple as installing a French drain or redesigning your landscaping to direct water flow away from your home. 

Professional Basement Waterproofing in Monmouth County, NJ – Affordable Services You Can Trust

At Bonded Waterproofing, a family business in NJ serving the tristate area, we offer homeowners high-quality, expert basement repair and waterproofing services, including French drain installation, crawl space repair, installation of vapor barriers, and basement repair at an affordable rate. Our inspectors can visit your property and perform a free, no obligation Water Egress Analysis to evaluate the condition of your basement and recommend effective solutions.

If you do choose us to manage your home’s waterproofing solution but are concerned about the cost involved, we are also happy to offer you interest-free financing and a lifetime warranty to go with the fairest pricing model in the industry.

For more information on our basement waterproofing services in Monmouth County, NJ, please contact us or visit our website today at

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