Basement Repair: Types of Foundation and Foundation Wall Repair Solutions

Basement cracks can appear for a number of reasons and, regardless of which foundation repair method you choose, it’s essential to correct the underlying problems that are putting your home’s structure at risk. Here’s some insight into different repair solutions from the specialists in basement repair Bergen County NJ.

  • Push piers: These are round, steel tubes that can be installed under your foundation and are typically used if a home’s foundation is sinking. They’re placed deep enough beneath the foundation that they hit solid bedrock, lifting your home into a stable position at its original level.
  • Wall anchors: If your basement walls are cracking and buckling, you may require wall anchors as a solution. These are strong steel plates that are attached to your basement wall and connected to a rod and anchor system. This will pull your walls out to their correct, original position, and then support them to provide additional stability.
  • Interior and exterior waterproofing: Damage to your foundations can be easily caused by flooding and leaks, and these solutions are designed to move water efficiently away from your home’s structure and repair moisture damage, keeping it secure and dry. Depending on your unique situation, this can include simple leak repair, sump pump installation, the installation of French drains, or full basement waterproofing.
  • High-density polyurethane foam: One very popular foundation repair technique is to coat the foundation in polyurethane foam – a quick and affordable repair job. However, it is important that this is done by basement waterproofing specialists and that the underlying leak issue is corrected before the foam is applied.

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