5 things you should know about repairing basement cracks

Basement walls and foundations form an essential part of your home’s structural integrity, supporting the weight of your house and holding back the soil and moisture around them. This means that they are under considerable pressure, which can cause them to crack. Here are some important insights into what causes these cracks and how to repair them, from basement foundation repair specialists in Morris County, NJ.

  1. Types of basement cracks: These cracks are cause by shrinkage (when the basement foundation dries too quickly after being poured), settling (when the ground isn’t completely compressed under a new home) or movement (where the ground underneath and around the foundation shifts.
  2. Leaks through cracks: This is a very serious issue, as it indicates that pressure from the ground around your home is forcing water through weak points in your basement, which can lead to structural problems. Basement floor leaks may require sealing, a replacement sump pump or below floor drainage if it is particularly bad.
  3. Non-professional products won’t last: Normal waterproofing products and sealing products will struggle to fix any basement leak, and won’t last. This is because leaks are best fixed at the point at which the water enters the crack, and because the constant moisture will prevent the sealant from drying properly.
  4. Your solution depends on your structure: Blocks, brick and stone basements will require a different solution to a poured concrete basement. Concrete basements may be filled with a flexible, expanding urethane, while other basements may require a sealing membrane to be fixed into place on the outside of the building.
  5. Small cracks cause big problems: If you are noticing cracks in your basement, the time to call in the professionals is now. Cracks lead to leaks, and leaks can compromise the safety of your home, as well as lead to mold problems. Reliable basement waterproofing companies offer free, no-obligation home inspections to evaluate potential problems and offer lasting solutions that fix issues before they become disastrous.

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