Myths About Mold Growth

Mold Removal

All mold needs to grow is a warm, dark space and moisture – making our homes the ideal environment for it to thrive. There’s lots of misinformation about mold out there, so our specialists in basement waterproofing in Rockland County NY would like to share some helpful advice!

  • Myth Number 1: Mold testing is necessary: The only test you need for mold is the one where you find out that your home is infested! While some molds are more dangerous than others, they all need to be removed as quickly and thoroughly as possible, so knowing the exact type isn’t that important. What’s important is acting quickly and calling in the professionals.
  • Myth Number 2: You can clean it up yourself with bleach: Cleaning mold up yourself can leave you dangerously exposed to toxic spores, with no guarantee that you’ve really gotten rid of it. While bleach is an effective cleaner, it’s hard on your lungs, damages materials, and doesn’t completely remove the mold. For a long-term solution that puts your health first, pro is the only way to go.
  • Myth Number 3: No smell means no mold: One of the key indicators that your home has a mold problem is that there’s an unpleasant, musty smell. However, that’s just one symptom of a mold infestation so no smell doesn’t mean a mold-free home. Always perform a thorough inspection, especially if you have recently had a leak or moisture problem, or if anyone in your home is having respiratory issues.
  • Myth Number 4: Kill the mold and your home is mold-free: Killing the mold is only the first step in having a mold-free home. It’s incredibly resilient stuff, giving off millions of spores, and recontamination of your home is almost guaranteed if you don’t have a professional come and complete the entire mold remediation process. Similarly, the moisture problem that allowed the mold to thrive must also be properly repaired, else you’ll be right back where you started in a matter of weeks.

Affordable Basement Waterproofing and Mold Removal in Rockland County NY

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