4 great projects for your basement

A fully finished basement is a great addition to any New Jersey home that not only adds to your lifestyle but also adds resale value. Here are some ideas for finishing this space, from Essex County, NJ basement waterproofing experts.

  1. The Media Room: If you can’t get enough of the silver screen, a media room is a great choice. Basements are naturally easier to sound and light-proof, making it easy to turn them into mini-cinemas. You don’t need high ceilings either, as being seated is the main focus. In addition to consulting a home theatre specialist, be sure to insulate your basement walls – and not just the exterior walls – to ensure proper sound dampening.
  2. The Gym: Working out at home is great – but only if you have a space that you can dedicate it to, as most gym equipment is pretty bulky. If you want to turn your basement into a home gym, make sure that your equipment can get down the stairs and into the space easily, and that you have enough head clearance. Always measure your head height against the ceiling while using the machine, especially with pull-up equipment and treadmills.
  3. The Office: Home offices can be a fantastic use of basement space when they’re done correctly. Ideally, if your basement is multifunctional, your office space should be at least the same size as a bedroom. Installing a set of double French doors leading out into the garden is a great way of getting in enough natural light and keeping the office feeling open and spacious.
  4. The Guest Room: Ideal for visitors, teenagers who need more space or as an extra income opportunity, basement bedrooms are comfortable, warm and spacious when done correctly. However, you need to remember to keep in line with all building codes and safety regulations here. If possible, it’s best to install a bathroom along with the bedroom space with a direct entrance from the bedroom. Keep the entrance away from the main traffic of the space, and place the door in front of the sink or shower rather than the toilet. For showers, there should be enough head clearance that guests don’t have to bend or duck to make use of it, which is uncomfortable and a safety risk.

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