How to prevent moisture problems in your basement

Moisture is every basement’s worst enemy – it’s the cause behind mold problems, damp, bad smells and even structural issues. So how can homeowners help prevent it? Here are some tips from basement waterproofing experts in Monmouth County, NJ.

Why choose Bonded Waterproofing for your waterproofing needs in 2017?

It’s the New Year and time for homeowners to make the most of their most significant and useful investments – their properties. Keeping your home warm, dry and mold-free is essential to a healthy, comfortable and structurally sound home – so here’s why Bonded Waterproofing should be your first call

A homeowner’s guide to caring for crawlspaces

Having a safe and healthy home is a priority for any Rockland County homeowner. Unfortunately, neglecting crawlspaces can lead to pest and mold infestations that circulate unhealthy air through your home, and moisture in crawlspaces can lead to weakened support beams and foundations. If you don’t have sufficient insulation in

What to look for in a professional basement waterproofing solution

Making your basement watertight can be an expensive job – and even more so if it isn’t done right the first time. By following these tips, you can have your Bergen County home or business’s basement waterproofed and leak-free – guaranteed:
  1. References and testimonials: Basement waterproofing companies are only

Four New Year’s resolutions for homeowners

At Bonded Waterproofing Systems, we’re wishing all our valued clients a happy and prosperous 2016. Here are some great New Year’s resolutions to keep your home in perfect shape.
  1. Get rid of damp – for good: Too many homeowners are struggling with a musty-smelling basement, mold growth in their bathrooms

Is your home ready for the deep winter freeze?

Winter is a challenging season of heavy snows and freezing weather – a fact that Bergen County, New Jersey residents know all too well. Being prepared for this season is key to reducing risks to your property and, in many cases, preventing damage all together. Here are some tips for