How your landscaping can help prevent basement leaks

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One of the main reasons for basement leaks is a surprising one for many homeowners – it’s your own backyard. Landscaping can play a pivotal role in directing water to or away your home’s walls and foundations, so it’s important to ensure that your yard is landscaped in such a way as to support your home, say basement waterproofing experts in Rockland County, NY.

  • Grade the slope away from your home: This will help rainwater to move downhill in a direction away or around your home. This will result in a well-watered yard rather than a soaked foundation. ¼ inch per foot for your slope is recommended. When planning your landscaping changes, be sure to also check how it will affect your neighbors, so that you aren’t directing flood water directly towards their homes.
  • Check before you plant trees: Trees are an essential in any yard, and most work well to soak up excess ground water. However, trees with aggressive root systems should be planted at least 20 feet from your foundation to prevent them from pushing against your basement walls as well as breaking and clogging pipes. If you’re unsure about the root systems of trees you are purchasing, your landscaper or the nursery sales team should be able to assist you.
  • Maintain your gutters: Gutters move water away from your home, so they need to be kept in good condition and clear of leaves and debris. Have them checked out before the rainy season and make sure that tree branches are cut well away from them to reduce debris and prevent wind damage.
  • Install French drains: If you struggle with very clay soil that holds water and can’t move water away from your home easily, French drains are a great solution. They are affordable to install, will not affect the look of your garden, and are very effective at channeling water from heavy rains and floods.

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