New Year’s Resolutions That Will Keep Your Home Safe, Dry and Warm

2018 has just begun, and is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes in your home! Here are some great New Year’s resolutions for keeping your basement in great shape and adding value to your home, from our basement waterproofing team in Morris County, NJ.
  • Ensure water is flowing

5 things you should know about repairing basement cracks

Basement walls and foundations form an essential part of your home’s structural integrity, supporting the weight of your house and holding back the soil and moisture around them. This means that they are under considerable pressure, which can cause them to crack. Here are some important insights into what causes

Prepare For Humid Summers This Spring

Humidity is a fact of life in New Jersey, but the right preparations to your home in the spring time can help you make even the worst of humid summer days bearable. Not only is excess humidity uncomfortable, it also promotes the growth of mold in the home, which can