Why Waterproof Paint Isn’t Going To Fix Your Home’s Peeling Paint

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If your home and basement is suffering from peeling paint, there are a number of things you can do to fix it. However, waterproof paint isn’t one of them. Here’s why – from the basement waterproofing specialists in Bergen County, NJ.

Reasons why your home’s paint is peeling 

There are several reasons why the paint in your home or on its exterior can start to peel and flake off, including:

  • Your foundation is settling: When a home is built, it takes a few seasons before the ground underneath it becomes completely stable under the weight of the building. This settling process is normal, but the shifting of the foundation can cause paint to crack and peel. Small cracks can simply be painted over, but if they are bigger and located where water might seep into your walls, they will need a stronger solution.
  • Moisture: There are many ways moisture can leak into your walls and floors, from cracks that allow water in from outside to leaking pipes. This seeps into your concrete and gets behind the paint, forcing in away from the walls and causing bubbling and peeling.

Why waterproof paint isn’t enough 

Waterproof paint is often used to protect walls from moisture – for example, on the exterior of your home – by sealing them. However, it is not a fix for a moisture problem. If there is a leak from outside, a crack or a pipe, all the paint will do is temporarily seal the water inside the wall, where it can actually do the most damage. In order for the paint to do its job correctly and protect the structure of your home, the problem has to be fixed first and the walls have to be completely dry before it is applied. This is where basement waterproofing and repair is so important, because the underlying problem that is causing the water in the first place will be addressed.

By simply painting over it, your walls will continue to deteriorate and the paint will peel off again.

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