How To Turn Your Basement Into A Functional Storage Space

One great use for your home’s basement is to create a functional storage space. This is ideal for bulky things you don’t need often but don’t want to throw out – like kid’s toys, Christmas décor, extra furniture, garden equipment or fitness equipment. However, this doesn’t mean that you should just throw everything in a box and take it down the stairs – your basement needs to be prepared. Here are some tips from our basement waterproofing team in Essex County, NJ.

  • Get rid of moisture: Moisture is dangerous for the structure of your basement and foundation as well as the goods you want to store in it. Even a short period of time in a damp basement can lead to mold setting in, material rotting and papers disintegrating. Running a dehumidifier is a good start, but your basement needs to be professionally waterproofed to ensure it stays dry.
  • Check for leaks: Basement pipes, windows, and crawlspaces are all vulnerable to leaks that can lead to a wet or even flooded basement. Check your weather-proofing and pipes thoroughly (and remember to do it again each year) to make sure that they aren’t responsible for moisture in your basement. One other great advantage to this is that fixing these issues will reduce your energy and water bills.
  • Get a professional in: Reputable waterproofing companies are happy to send a specialist out to evaluate your basement and make recommendations on how to make it a functional storage space. These recommendations should be thorough, evaluating all areas of the basement, and you should be under no obligation to commit to any of them.
  • Plan your storage: Consider installing shelving systems in your basement, as these will make it easier to access stored items, and keep goods off the floor. Remember to make the shelves wide enough to accommodate the types of things you want to store, and ensure they go up to the ceiling to maximize your storage space. You can even install slider rails on your ceiling that plastic storage boxes can slot into.
  • Reconfigure home systems: Many homeowners who want to maximize their basement storage space choose to move their water heaters and air conditioning units to create a central mechanical room. This makes it easier to access them when needed, and makes more space for unobstructed shelving.

Basement waterproofing you can trust for a lifetime 

At Bonded Waterproofing, we’ve been supplying basement waterproofing services in New Jersey and the tristate area for over 30 years and we guarantee that our solution will really last – if it fails even as much as 50 years after we’ve completed our work, we’ll come in and fix it for free. We also guarantee that we will take great care of your property and thoroughly clean your basement so that you can start the next stage of your project as soon as possible.

In addition to basement waterproofing, basement repair and dehumidifier installation, we also provide our clients with sump pump installation, mold remediation and French drain installation services. For more information about basement waterproofing in NJ, please visit our website at today.

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