Do I Need A French Drain?

French Drain Installation

Water is the enemy of basements and foundations everywhere, and one of the most popular ways of preventing structural damage and basement leaks is installing a French drain. So, is this the right solution for your home or property? Our basement waterproofing team for Morris County, NJ has these insights.

What Is A French Drain? 

Despite its name, a French drain doesn’t have anything to do with the country of France. It is actually named after a judge and farmer from Concord, MA called Henry French. The drain consists of a sloped trench filled with gravel with a pipe running through it. The water flows into the trench, filters through the gravel and flows down the pipe where it is released a safe distance from your building’s foundations, or to a municipal drain.

Three Reasons To Install A French Drain 

Here are the best reasons for installing a French drain:

  1. Hydrostatic pressure: If ground water is putting pressure on your basement walls and floor – something that is especially common in areas with a high clay content in the soil – a French drain is a great solution. It will move this water away from your structure, relieving the pressure and preventing cracks, leaks and structural damage.
  2. Surface water: Another use of a French drain is to get rid of excess surface water that causes a soggy lawn and washes away soil and driveways. The drain will be positioned to channel this water out of your affected areas, or even at a horizontal angle directly uphill from a problem area.
  3. Wet basement: Although this is ideally built into homes as they are being constructed, it can be added to existing homes. To solve a wet basement issue, French drains are added around the external walls of your foundation and basement to channel water away from the building and keep basements dry. Interior French drains can also be installed to catch water before it is absorbed into the basement, which will then be pumped out by a sump pump.

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