A Guide To French Drains

Landscape Drains

French drains are also known as rubble drains or sub-surface drains, and weren’t invented by the French – instead, they were the brainchild of Henry French of Massachusetts. These drains are used outdoors in yards and agricultural spaces to help water flow properly and prevent soggy ground.

Why do homes need French drains?

If your home is on clay soil and you find that rainwater tends to pool in the yard or against your walls, a French drain is a must-have feature. Pooled water doesn’t just mean lots of mud for the dogs to track in – it means high hydro static pressure against your foundation and basement walls, which can lead to cracks, sinking, leaks and serious structural damage over time.
It’s a good idea to consider a French drain if you have a problem with surface water, your driveway is getting washed out, your basement is getting wet or if you are building a retaining wall into a hillside.

How do French drains work? 

These drains are low-tech and simply provide an easy channel for the water to flow through. It runs into a gravel filled trench and into a perforated pipe that will empty a safe distance away from your home and boundary walls. The drain and trench will need to be positioned properly in order to be effective, and should slope 1 inch for every 8 feet in the direction you want the water to go. In addition to being diverted to the end of your yard, this water can go into a dry well, drainage ditch or the street.

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