How Do Foundation Piers Work?

Cracked basement Foundation Repair

Unless you’ve dealt with foundation repairs before, it’s unlikely that you’ve come across foundation piers. Here is a quick guide to this foundation stabilization solution from our basement waterproofing team in Essex County, NJ.

What is Foundation Piering? 

This is a process where sections of steel pipe or concrete pilings (known as foundation piers) are driven into the ground underneath a foundation to stabilize the ground and prevent movement that can damage or compromise the structure of a home or building. Using a hydraulic pump, these foundation piers are positioned directly under the center of the foundation wall until they hit bedrock or stable ground, forming a solid, stable support point for the foundation.

There are two general types of foundation piers:

  • Push piers – These are pipes made of galvanized or coated steel that are installed using a hydraulic ram.
  • Helical piers – These are screw piles with steel shafts that are screwed into the ground using a hydraulic torque motor.

When are Foundation Piers Needed? 

The primary reason for installing foundation piers is that the soil around the building is unstable and cannot provide proper support for the structure. Unstable soil can occur when soil is very dry, causing it to become loose and shift easily – like beach sand. It can also occur when soil is very absorbent, so rain makes it expand dramatically and put pressure on your home’s foundation and walls – like heavy clay soil.

Signs that you may need your foundation stabilized include:

  • Cracking walls.
  • Bowed or leaning walls.
  • Sloping floors.
  • Misaligned windows and doors (making opening and closing them difficult or impossible).
  • Cracking foundation floors.
  • Cracks and gaps between porches or deck and the home’s walls.

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