Is the Fall a Good Time to Get Basement Waterproofing?

basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is one of the single most important investments for homeowners to keep their house dry, structurally sound and mold-free. Not only is your basement a useful and potentially value-adding space in your home, it is also one home to one of the most important structures that keep your home standing – your foundation.

Signs That Your Home Needs Basement Waterproofing

Warning signs that homeowners should be aware of include:

  • Cracks in your basement walls and floor
  • Leaks in the basement
  • Mold or musty unpleasant smells that indicate mold growth
  • Peeling of your basement wall or floor paint
  • Shifting of your basement wall or floors

It is also important to have your basement professionally waterproofed if you are planning to furnish the space in order to keep it dry and safe to use. Basements are a fantastic opportunity for creating office space, additional living space, laundry and storage rooms, crafting rooms, workshops or even creating a living quarter for an additional income.

So, What Is the Best Time of Year for Basement Waterproofing in Morris County, NJ?

Although these projects can take place any time, the fall is a perfect time of year for basement waterproofing, as it is still warm and fairly dry. This means that it is easier to dig the ground away from the foundation walls and work outdoors. It also means that the waterproofing solutions will dry faster.  

In colder and wetter seasons, the ground is often harder and more difficult to move, and the basement waterproofing solutions will not dry as quickly. This means that your waterproofing project may have to wait for a break in the weather or that it could take a little longer than in the dry seasons. So, don’t hesitate – book basement waterproofing companies this fall and find a partner who will do a quality, affordable job. 

Get the Best Solutions from Our Family-Owned Basement Waterproofing Company in Morris County, NJ 

At Bonded Waterproofing, we have been supplying basement waterproofing services in New Jersey and the Tristate area for over 30 years. We guarantee that our solution will really last – if it fails even as much as 50 years after we have completed our work, we will come in and fix it for free. We also guarantee that we will take great care of your property and thoroughly clean your basement so that you can finish your basement and start using it as soon as possible.

In addition to supplying and installing dehumidifiers, we also provide our clients with sump pump installation, mold remediation, and French drain installation services. For more information on basement waterproofing in Morris County, NJ, or our interest-free financing offers please visit our website today at

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