What to Expect During the Basement Foundation Wall Replacement Process

Our homes are often our biggest investment and it can feel overwhelming when you’re facing problems with your home’s foundations. However, in the hands of basement repair specialists in Staten Island, NY, this process is far less daunting. Here are some insights into how it works.

Signs That Your Basement Wall Needs Replacing 

There are several very effective methods and products for repairing a damaged or leaking basement wall, which is why it’s essential to contact basement waterproofing companies as soon as you notice any issues. However, some walls are just too damaged to repair, making replacement the more effective and lasting solution. Signs to indicate that a basement wall may need replacing include:

  • Rotting, crumbing mortar.
  • Foundation blocks pulling away from each other.
  • Rows of foundation blocks sliding off lower rows of blocks.
  • Partial collapse of the basement wall.

What Happens Next? 

Firstly, your home is completely stabilized so that it is no longer resting on the compromised wall. Then, all the dirt is dug away from the basement wall so that it is fully exposed and no longer under pressure from the surrounding ground. Once everything is made stable, the compromised sections of the basement are removed, and new foundation blocks are laid. At each step of the construction process, the structure is checked to ensure that it will carry the weight of your home safely. The new basement wall will then be waterproofed to ensure a lasting result. While all construction comes with its own mess, our team will do everything we can to minimize mess, noise and damage to your yard.

Keep Your Home Safe and Sound – Speak to Our Basement Waterproofing Team in Staten Island, NY 

At Bonded Waterproofing, one of the top local waterproofing companies in the tristate area, our team will fully evaluate the condition of your basement and foundation to determine any areas of concern – for free. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products and services, including basement repair and waterproofing.

In addition, we also offer interest-free financing and the best pricing model in the industry, helping you to maintain your home as affordably as possible.

Other services we offer include sump pump installation, French drain installation, mold removal, crawlspace vapor barriers, dehumidifiers and foundation repair services.

For more information on our services in Rockland County, NJ please contact us or visit our website today at http://bondedwaterproofing.com.

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