When is the best time to waterproof your basement?

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As basement waterproofing exerts in Essex County, NJ, we often get asked if there is a right time of year to do basement waterproofing – and the short answer is yes! Here’s some advice for picking a time of year that will get you the best results.

Is it basement waterproofing weather?

The extent to which weather will affect a basement waterproofing job is generally dictated by the kind of repairs and solutions your home requires. Dry, warm weather is always best, and the following projects should usually be delayed if the weather is rainy:

  • Crack injections: Crack fillers won’t adhere to wet surfaces, so epoxy crack injections should be delayed if cracks are actively leaking from rain or ground water. However, your contractor can use high pressure polyurethane crack injections if needed, as these are unaffected by water.
  • Excavation and exterior waterproofing: This should only be done in warm dry weather as trying to excavate in mud is difficult, messy and carries the risk of cave-ins and of the waterproofing not adhering properly.

Additionally, very cold, icy weather should be avoided if you are planning an exterior waterproofing project. The ground is incredibly hard and difficult to work with, causing labor to increase as well as risk of delays. In addition, most waterproofing coatings take around 48 hours to cure, leaving your basement walls exposed to frost damage and potential destabilization.

In conclusion, it is better to wait until the summer or fall to invest in basement waterproofing unless it is urgent or a simple job like sump pump installation and repair, which needs to be done before the spring rains. This will make the job simpler, more affordable and lower the risks of compromising the quality of the work or products.

Professional basement waterproofing, repairs and leak analysis in Essex County, NJ 

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