The Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Basement

When we think about home improvement, most of us think about remodeling our bathroom or kitchen, and not about waterproofing our basement. But there are some great advantages to making this project a priority – here are just a few from our basement waterproofing team in Staten Island, NY.

  1. Reduce your energy costs: Waterproofing your basement and crawlspace is key to improving the energy efficiency in your home, as it prevents cold air and moisture from leaking into your basement – two things that make your heating and air conditioner go into overdrive.
  2. Make your home structurally safe: Sure, your basement may have been damp for years, it might even have been seeping water when you bought it – but what you don’t know is how corrosive that moisture can be over the years. After all, the Colorado river created the Grand Canyon! This moisture weakens the basement and foundation structure on which your home stands, putting your family and investment at risk if left untreated.
  3. Increase your home’s useful square footage – and value: Unfinished basements are wasted space and, if finished correctly, can become incredibly useful rooms in your home. Successful basement refurbishments include high quality laundry rooms, home offices, guest bedrooms, workrooms, and dens. This will give you space to expand your living area and will reflect positively on the value of your home if you ever want to sell.
  4. Reduce health risks: Basements that aren’t waterproofed are a haven for bacteria, mold and fungi, many of which can cause breathing problems, aggravate asthma and allergies, and even be toxic to your health. Waterproofing your basement will create a dry, temperate environment where these organisms can’t grow.
  5. Get rid of musty smells: These molds and fungi are to blame for musty, disagreeable smells in many homes that can make them an unpleasant place to live. Waterproofing your basement will freshen up your home, making it a dryer and more comfortable environment.
  6. Reduced flooding: If your basement floods on a regular basis, then waterproofing it can help you avoid these messy events. Flooding can cause damage to the basement structure and should be avoided as much as possible, and waterproofing specialists can assist with additional solutions like sump pump installation, if needed.

At Bonded Waterproofing, a family business in NJ serving the tristate area, we offer home owners high-quality, expert basement repair and waterproofing services at an affordable rate. This includes mold remediation and mold removal, sump pump installation and French drains. Our inspectors can visit your property and perform a free, no obligation Water Egress Analysis to evaluate the condition of your basement and recommend effective solutions.

If you do choose us to manage your home’s waterproofing solution but are concerned about the cost involved, we’re also happy to offer interest-free financing and a lifetime warranty to go with the fairest pricing model in the industry.

For more information on our basement waterproofing services in Staten Island, NY please contact us or visit our website at  today.

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